FEP Tube

Kaxite® is one of the top level China FEP Tube manufacturers, with professional factory we are able to produce cheap FEP Tube with reliable quality. Welcome to wholesale products from us.
  • Filled teflon PTFE tube is manufactured by technics of molding method in the diameter from 0.5mm to 1800mm with PTFE granular resin. As PTFE has a very low co-efficient of friction, so the surface of filled teflon PTFE tube has similar friction levels to ice. Filled teflon PTFE tube can work at -180°C ~+260°C and is the best electrical insulator of all known plastics. Filled teflon PTFE tube has strong corrosion resistance and friction-resistance,By adding filler such as glass fiber,carbon fiber,copper powder,graphite,asbestos,MOS2,AL2O3,carbon powder,ceramic fiber,metal powder,polyamide,PS,the hardness,compression strength and abrasion resistance of the products is improved ,in addition,it will have good heat conductivity and low heat expansion coefficient

  • Detailed Product Description Applications: Petrochemical Density: 2.14 - 2.17g/cm³ Elongation: 250% Elongation: 250% Feature: High Chemical Stability Product Name: FEP Tube Tensile Strength: 20MPa

  • Tensile Strength: 20MPa Applications: Electric Wire Density: 2.14 - 2.17g/cm³ Elongation: 250% Feature: Voltage Resistance Product Name: FEP Rod

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